PUBG guns/weapons: Top 4 favourite PUBG DMR weapons & damage stats, best weapons in 2019

PUBG PC is a survival game and there is no denying that for PUBG and other survival games, skill is always one of the important factors. However, in addition to the ability to handle the battles with reasonable tactics, guns with high damage are also a prerequisite, sometimes even deciding to be defeated or survived  in the game.


Only appear in supply boxes, so it is not difficult to understand when MK14 is ranked as the best weapon in the DLR series.


This gun can be considered an improved version from SKS with high-speed bullets, as well as an automatic firing mode to replace conventional sniper rifles, even though the cartridges is somehow limited. 



  • Ammo Type: 5.56
  • Magazine Size: 20 (30 with Extended Mag)
  • Body Shot Damage: 48/33.8/29/21.7/22
  • Headshot Damage: 108.1/75.67/64.86/48.65
  • Fire Rate/Reload Time: 0.1s/3.6s

Minimal bullet drop, a good clip size, and fairly simple to master. The Mini-14’s low damage (hovering between the VSS and the SKS) means people generally prefer to use other DMRs given the choice, but it’s still a solid, reliable choice at any stage of a match

The damage can be considered the weakest of the DMR series, but the mobility and popularity, fast bullet speed and being able to switch to semi-automatic mode and the high rate of fire and low recoil still makes Mini14 a horrible weapon.



  • Ammo Type: 7.62
  • Magazine Size: 10 (20 with Extended Mag)
  • Body Shot Damage: 56/39/33.4/25/25
  • Headshot Damage: 124.55/87.185/74.73/56.05
  • Fire Rate/Reload Time: 0.1s/2.9s

The SKS is the Mini-14’s brusque, no-nonsense older sibling. Lower clip size and higher recoil, but a significant step up in damage and a lower reload time. The SKS used to be my go-to DMR, until they came out with. 

SKS is a powerful sniper rifle with versatility and versatility that can equip 25 different accessories. The use of 7.62mm bullets also gives SKS decent damage, 53 damage, higher than Mini 14 and QBU. And with so many accessories, SKS recoil will also be significantly offset, far more than SLR.

In return, the speed of its warhead is only 800 m / s, so the bullet will drop faster and the damage will be reduced. 



  • Ammo Type: 7.62
  • Magazine Size: 10 (20 with Extended Mag)
  • Body Shot Damage: 61/42.6/36.5/27.4/28
  • Headshot Damage: 136.3/95.41/81.78/61.34
  • Fire Rate/Reload Time: 0.1s/3.68s

Standing at No. 4 will definitely be a SLR. Although it is undeniable that its damage is quite large, as well as the strength in the bullets, but the extreme jerks and the meager bullets are relatively significant weakness of the weapon.

The use of 7.62mm ammunition also made gamers’ backpacks heavier when using this gun. Overall, without a better choice, SLR is still a pretty good looking weapon.

The SLR is the SKS’s belligerent uncle. Higher recoil and a longer reload time again, but the highest damage of any non-air drop DMR. If you can control it and use it well under pressure, the DLR can end a lot of fights before they begin.

Choosing the right DMR is also a very important factor in PUBG.

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