PUBG: Tips help you survive a grenade when you stand right next to it

Grenades are one of the most tactical weapons in PUBG. It plays a huge role in exposing the enemy from good positions and convenient covers, helping the player to break the mystery even if winning the game by staying alive at the end of the game.

However, recently, the PUBG community began to rumor about standing right in front of a grenade without causing any death, causing some confusing about the truth around it.

The story begins that some gamers believe that players can completely survive through grenaded even when they  stand next to it, as long as the grenade is out of sight of the gamer. This means that if the grenade is out of the sight of the gamer by electric poles, road signs or anything … even a very small object on the road … then even the player standing in the explosion radius is unharmed. .

Is it really real?  but how can a grenade just need to be covered by a small thing without causing any damage? Interestingly, this fact is absolutely true. As long as the character’s vision does not see the grenade, the character will definitely not have any  damage even when standing in an explosion radius. In addition, this applies to an entire barrier from a large such as a concrete fence to an electric pole or a column of directions

Therefore, if you find yourself in the case when the grenade is too close and can’t run away, you absolutely can use the barrier around regardless of size to “block”  the damage.

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