The COMPARISIONs Between War And Team Deathmatch Modes In PUBG Mobile

War and Team Deathmatch are all two awesome game modes played by most of the players in PUBG Mobile. Some elements, such as killing melee enemies, calculating kill points, and being imperishable are wonderful elements that can be found only in two of these game modes. This is also the main reason why people keep making a comparison between them. Are PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch and PUBG Mobile War the same thing? Or do they still have differences? Let’s dive into this comparison deeper!



In the War mode, each match will be set in a small random area with the stable circle on Erangel Map. Most of the terrains are broad hilly areas or open constructions.

The blue circle in this War mode will delineate an area on the map and just stand still, not shrink as in normal mode. Most terrain is wide hilly areas or open constructions. The “Team Deathmatch ” is different. This mode contains a small special private map called “Tom: Warehouse” with an unchanged structure, including 2 sides of the separate revival area, a large warehouse in the middle of the map, types of containers and some areas that are easy to cover everywhere. Therefore, gamers who choose ” team deadmatch” will be more easily “attached” to the competitive environment if played more.

The number of participants


In PUBG Mobile War mode, the maximum number of players participating is 20, even when you choose Solo, Duo, or Squad to play.

In PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch, you will work together with a team. One team will contain 4 maximum players, and there will be two opposing teams competing against each other.

Getting started


At “Team deadmatch”, players will still have to parachute down the map. Although the speed when parachuting in this mode is faster than normal. Also in “Team deadmatch”, players will start right in the area of ​​their headquarters, there is no parachute action here. Therefore, those who do not want to waste time but are only used to fight will like “Team deadmatch”. In addition, in the “Team deadmatch” mode, if unfortunately being destroyed by the enemy, you will have to board the plane and parachute down, the total time from being killed to reviving the landing is about 20s. 

Also in “Team deadmatch”, as soon as you are defeated you will return to where you started your headquarters. The transfer time of this mode is slightly faster than War – from the time of being defeated to resurrection approaching the enemy side is less than 10 seconds.

When you get started in the War mode, all players will be on the same plane. They can choose their favorite locations to land. There is a small difference in terms of speed when parachuting in this mode, which is much faster than normal.

Original equipment

In both modes, you will be randomly equipped with a gun that has a basic viewfinder as soon as it begins. But in the War mode, there will be ammo and blood given to you, and in Team Deathmatch, you can get access to more attachments (the system is already available with the automatic healing function)

You should note that there are two kinds of random matches for PUBG Mobile War mode: some kinds of rifles and Kar98. Depending on the match, you will have appropriate guns and attachments.



If in the War mode, except for the first limited types of equipment, players can only find more resources in other loot crates or they can get more resources from the aid crates dropped on the map randomly, then Team Deathmatch will be different a bit.In this mode, there are a lot of guns, ammunition and equipment attached right in the headquarters area for you to choose freely, in exchange for destroying the enemy will not have a loot box. In addition, special weapons such as M249 or Explosive Bombs will appear in the warehouse area and the two fighting parties. The interesting point in both modes is that after your revival, your entire equipment will be reset to its original defaults.

How to calculate the kill points


in the War mode, you will see that there is 1 column of 200 points, if you play with a team, each time you save, you will get one more point and if you kill an enemy, if you get up to 3 points. You will not an ability to save your teammates in Solo mode. The team that reaches 200 points first will win. If there are no teams reaching 200 points within 15 minutes, the team with the highest score will win.

In Team Deathmatch, the goal of every team is to gather 40 points (equivalent to 40 enemies destroyed). These points can be gained by killing enemies. The team reaching 40 points first or has a higher total score than the other team within 10 minutes will win the match.

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