PUBG: discuss techniques you can use to help improve your accuracy and precision by pulling the aim downwards

Of all FPS games in general and PUBG in particular, most guns are recoiled, and if you want to spray , you have to pull the aim downwards when spraying. Those who have played CSGO or any FPS game will get adapted quickly, but for those who switch from LOL or any MOBA game will be more difficult to get used to it. 

The PUBG handbook will simplify how to pull the aim downwards when spraying and how to help gamers have a practice that improves the shooting process and moving productively. 

What is pulling the aim downwards?

The simplest is called the recoil control of the gun, since one of the first things you’ll notice is that every weapon reacts differently when fired, for example UMP or Vector will have less recoil while  whether it’s the double-barreled shotgun’s massive kick or the AKM’s tendency to bounce around as you’re trying to land your spray. Every time a spraying has a recoil from the bottom up, the player needs to pull down the mouse or go against the trajectory of the recoil to balance the bullet line

Gun accessories

Gun accessories

If you do not believe in the ability of pulling the aim downwards, then find yourself the M416 gun and equipped with a compensator, besides, there are many additional accessories to reduce shock such as the range and hand grip. Find yourself the most suitable accessories.

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect and the fastest way you can improve your combat skill-set is by throwing yourself into the fray, just like CS: GO, any game like that.This will help familiarize you with the majority of the weapons PUBG has to offer while allowing you to practice and learn their pros and cons. Please boldly go to the game to choose for yourself any AR gun that is 50> 100m away from the position to spray and try, for a distance as long as 100m, try to shoot each one until you are closer, then really spray and earn First rewards.Every moment you have to practice with these weapons will prove to be invaluable as you begin making it further into the later stages of the game.

Fighting position

Before finding a good shooting position, practice moving to convenient places such as higher terrain or where there is a cover team, then combine spraying from 5> 9 members, cover, and then gradually move to corner. This not only helps you to limit the shot too much but also is highly tactical, because unlike the CS: GO when spraying to the 10th, there will appear horizontal jerks, jerks to the left and right sides to continuously reduce the aiming center level. Do not spray more than 20> 30 bullets  because then you will reveal loopholes, stand still as a “bird” for those with Kar98 or M24 to hunt.

Recoiling are caculated according to the game system

There are 3 modes of shooting positions are  standing-sitting-lying, each with different degrees of pulling the aim downward because when the recoil of the gun changes, this is very important to note. The recoil is calculated as follows (Apply for 4 ARs) STAND – 1.00; SIT – 0.80; LAYING – 0.60 means that when STANDING is 100%, SITTING is 80% and LAYING is 60%,  so please note. When you move close to the enemy, choose the position that is the most appropriate.

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