PUBG: The most useful guns for newbie

PUBG: The most useful guns for newbie

PUBG has a huge number of weapons, and it is not easy for newcomers to pick up and  control their guns.

Survival game Playerunknow’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) although not as popular  as the first time introduced but the number of new players approaching is still very significant. In order for new players to quickly get used to and adapt to this fierce battlefield, We will provide some suggestions on fairly powerful and easily controlled weapons for those newbie to survive  in the battle.

1.Tommy Gun

This is a gun that uses a bullet .45, a very good reversed bullet . Although Tommy’s bullet speed is not the fastest in PUBG, in terms of stability when shot, this gun is ranked among the top. With fixed ammunition tape of 30 capsules and after installing additional equipment, it will be up to 50 tablets. battle outside 50m. But with high stability and a large amount of bullets, this will be the perfect gun for newbie.


Also using 0.45 reversed bullet like Tommy Gun, but Vector can install more accessories and especially the gun firing speed of this gun is ranked 2nd in PUBG’s weapons treasure. Vector if fully installed all accessories will be extremely strong by the recoil rate of extremely small. the gun is  so easy to control. The disadvantage of the gun is that the number of bullets in a cartridge is relatively low while the initial ammunition is 13, and when the extra equipment is installed, there are only 25 bullets . Although the gun’s range is only in the middle range, but with the ability to break armor, the speed of the bullet is extremely fast and the stability is good, this is a legit nightmare for any enemy.


Using 9mm bullet, the firing rate is not high but the danger is extremely large. The recoil of this gun is extremely small, so the player can easily control the rounds of the gun, UMP9’s effective range is also higher than Vector. UMP9 overall rating is perfect for rookies.

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