PUBG PC: SCAR-L – Weapon for new players

PUBG PC: SCAR-L – Weapon for new players

In PUBG PC, the leading philosophy of developing weapons system for PUBG PC is to give users the most realistic experience. It is because the SCAR-L still retains what has made the gun’s real life name include: stability, low recoil and fast firing speed.


SCAR-L Overview

Hit Damage 43

Initial Bullet Speed 870 m/s

Body Hit Impact Power 9,000

Zero Range 100 – 500

Time Between Shots 0.096s

Firing Modes Single, Auto

Method Magazine

Duration (Full) 2.200s

Duration (Tactical) 1.900s 

It might have the lowest DPS rating of any assault rifle in PUBG, but the SCAR-L makes up for it with its fully-automatic recoil pattern, which is comparable to the amount of kick produced by the M16A4 when firing in single-shot mode. While, theoretically, an enemy with a Groza should win in a duel, in practice you will have a much easier time landing all of your shots and may come out on top because of it. You can also outfit the SCAR-L with most AR attachments, though it is worth noting that the iron sights are very limiting, so a sight or scope should take precedent when looting buildings.

Accessories included with SCAR-L gun

Gun Barrel







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