PUBG PC: Gun M16A4 – The most favorite weapon by streamer

PUBG PC: Gun M16A4 – The most favorite weapon by streamer

The M16A4 gun is a very popular AR gun in PUBG PC. PUBG PC players can easily find it anywhere and on every map of the game. In real life, M16A4 was the main gun in the US military service since 1964 and was used during the Vietnam War. This is the fourth generation of improved versions of the legendary M16 gun. Although it has been improved a lot, it is easy to get dirty and lead to jamming is the “classic” error of M16A4 in particular and the M16 gun line in general.

Suggested Attachments:


  • Suppressor
  • Extended QuickDraw magazine
  • Half grip
  • 4x scope

The M16A4 lacks fully automatic fire, but it’s still capable of delivering some real pain when placed in the hands of distinguished PUBG players. You won’t be able to rely on spray and pray tactics or an itchy trigger finger with this weapon, but you can use attachments like the Extended QuickDraw Magazine and suppressor to keep things rolling as you utilize burst fire to take out your targets quickly.

With high muzzle velocity and low recoil, you don’t need much to transform this versatile assault rifle into a viable option, but it’s still worth adding a half grip and 4x scope for good measure, especially if you want to increase your range. With that in mind, as well as the gun’s common nature, the M16A4 is very much a gun that you’ll want to keep in your rotation until you’re the last man standing (or until you find something better, like the next gun on this list). You won’t want to go toe-to-toe against others when it comes to midrange combat, but it’s a gem for close-up and long-range firefights.

M16A4 gun specifications

– Basic damage: 43

– Output bullet speed: 900m / s

– Zero Range: 100 – 500m

– Basic ammunition tape: 30 capsules

– Delay between 2 tablets: 0.075s

– Shot mode: Single – Burst

Accessories included with the M16A4 gun

Gun Barrel





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