PUBG PC: AKM Armed Assault Wiki

The AKM is a is a 7.62mm assault rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. Hence the name, Kalashnikov Modernized Automatic rifle. It’s a modernized variation of the AK-47 and it was brought into administration with the Soviet Army in 1959. In Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, the AKM is for comrades in arms.

In PUBG PC, the AKM gun, also known as AK-47. It is an Assault Rifle in the real-life that uses 7.62mm bullet with extremely high damage. If you are a PUBG PC player, you must have at least once used this gun in your hand and ran all over the map. So do you know the information around this “ high damage giant”  AKM Rifle?


AKM gun statistics

  •     Base damage: 48
  •     Output bullet speed: 715 m / s
  •     Zero Distance: 100 – 400m
  •     Basic bullets: 30 capsules
  •     Speed ​​of fire between 2 tablets: 1s
  •     Shot mode: Single, Automatic

The difference between AKM and AR is its highest power rating of all assault rifles in player unknown’s battlegrounds. Completely ignore names such as SCAR-L or M416, etc. AKM only needs less than 5 bullets to be able to kill the opponent even if they own a level 3 armor (2 on the part) head and 1 tablet into any position for hat 3). However, unfortunately,the biggest weakness of the AKM is its recoil, in addition to being unable to assembly the Handlebar and Firearm, it will take a long time for new gamers to get used to it.

The following are attachable to this firearm AKM:



Gun Barrel



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