PUBG Mobile: Guides to To Break a Bridge Camp?

Bridge camping has turned out to be a highly advantageous strategy to PUBG MOBILE players, due to its simplicity in execution and the prospect of a high kill rate. A great tactic for squads and duos, and not so much for solo players, what makes a highly effective bridge camp is to make the enemies completely oblivious to an upcoming assault. Of course, destroying such a camp team will require some strategies and skill.


In addition, Also, if the blue zone is closing and the players are on the wrong end of the bridge , there will be an emergency in breaking the camp. However, the camp on the bridge added a unique suspense to the game. Below is the complete PUBG Mobile tutorial on how to break break a bridge camp. 

Tip 1: Use the team snipers to scope out possible bridge camps


The player realizes that there are several advantages around the bridge that allow players to scope out any bridge camps from a distance.. This tip is simply to follow for every player to approach a bridge. A sniper who attacks before spraying or rushing  will give the player enough support to break a camp effectively. Even if the select snipers do not attack as a strategic decision, they can still determine the enemy positions.

Tip 2: Use natural covers for survival, such as damaged buses and bridge pillars


Any player who passes by or sees the bridge will know that there are always damaged buses  on the road. They can and must be used to shield, no matter how clear the road ahead.

In addition, the bridge itself has many pillars that allow players to hide behind. Must not fall into the river below. Rest assured that these are the same places that opposing teams will use to make blocking on the bridge.

Tip 3: Take advantage of smoke and grenades

Since a large area between the two ends of the bridge is open, with piers being the only cover, the smoke and other grenades that will help you survive. Players must prepare in advance and preserve or acquire smoke grenades while planning to approach the bridge.

Use smoke as a cover to close the gap and use grenades to increase damage to enemies in groups. But players must be aware that snipers are located away from the center of the blockade.

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