PUBG: guide to use K98 and M24 ( PART 2)

PUBG: guide to use K98 and M24 ( PART 2)

With the speed of the bullet and the drop of the bullet that makes the rifle in PUBG use is not easy, the PUBG handbook will solve this problem to help you.

In the previous section, we talked about the bulletDROP speed and gun damage.

Next, we will pay attention to using the barrel of the 4x scope to see the new version with each viewfinder range:


With this range, we will aim at the center of the viewfinder, for both KAR98K and SKS.


With this range, both KAR98K and SKS have the same viewfinder. However, the target will be aimed at the position of the 2nd line as shown.


This is the distance that appears the difference between two rifles when using 4x scope viewfinder. With SKS, we can keep the target at the same position with the distance of 200m. As for KAR98K, we will have to go back one more line.


With this range, SKS’s aiming position will fall into the third line. KAR98K will be in the fourth position.


When aiming at a target at a distance of 500m, you will have to adjust the viewfinder in the middle of the 4th line and the 5th line for SKS. For KAR98K, the focus will “fit” at the 5th line, which is also the final line.


With such a long range, the alignment of the viewfinder so that it is most accurate is really a difficult problem. But nothing is impossible. When using both KAR98K and SKS with a view range of 600m, you will have to place your mind under the farthest position of the 5th line as shown in the picture.

Above is the shooting guide of KAR98K with SKS with 4x Scope viewfinder. Wish you have successful practice moments !.

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