PUBG Equipment & Consumables Guide

All the important information regarding PUBG Equipment and Consumables. Your one-stop-shop for all things PUBG. If you are one of the lucky few to make it to the final 10 players in a round of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, then knowing the difference between a First Aid Kit and Bandages could mean the difference between a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” and a “Better Luck Next Time”. We have you covered in this guide with the ins-and-outs of all the equipment and consumables you will find in PUBG.



energy drink

The energy drink is the most common boost item. It can be found nearly everywhere and has a fairly high spawn rate. The energy drink takes 4 seconds to cast and raises the boost meter by 40%. The boost will last for 2 minutes and will heal a total of 23% health.


The next tier of boost item is the painkiller. It has a lower spawn rate than the energy drink. It has a cast time of 7.5 seconds and raises the boost meter by 60%. The boost from a painkiller will last for 3 minutes and heal a total of 40% health.

adrenaline syringe

The best and rarest boost item is the Adrenaline Syringe. Only found in airdrops, the adrenaline syringe will max out the players boost meter. It will last for 5 minutes and heal a whopping 68% health.

PUBG Armor and Backpacks

armor statistics

Another set of important information to know is the difference between the sets of armor and backpacks found in PUBG. The level 1 helmet, also known as the Motorcycle Helmet, has 80 armor and a 30% damage reduction. This is the most commonly found helmet in PUBG. Next is the level 2 helmet, or Military Helmet. It has 150 armor and reduces damage by 40%. Finally, there is the level 3 helmet, which has 230 armor and a 55% damage reduction. A level 3 helmet is the only one that can protect you from being killed by a Kar98k sniper shot but can only be found in crates.


Backpack is also an indispensable item, with level 2 backpack will give you 220 capacity , level 3 backpack will be 250+, it’s also worth considering.



There are four types of grenades in the game – Frag Grenades, Molotov Cocktails, Smoke Grenades and Stun Grenades. Below, you can look up the effects caused by all of the above:

Frag Grenade: if it doesn’t kill, it leaves the victim severely wounded.

Molotov Cocktail: Sets enemies on fire, dealing DPS (Damage Per Second).

Smoke Grenade: Generates thick smoke screen, which can obstruct the vision of your enemies or conceal your own movement.

Stun Grenade: A player that’s been hit won’t see and hear anything for a few seconds. The effects of this grenade are not mitigated with environmental obstacles.

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