PUBG PC: Kar98 will be stronger than M24 in PUBG in Patch 4.1

PUBG PC is the most loved survival shooter game today after many hardship compete against with many other survival games. Their succession is proved through the  sales of PUBG PC games. And apparently, seeing this as an opportunity to find their own top position, especially when it comes to fighting against some big competitors such as Apex Legends and Fortnite which are weakening, Bluehole has constantly created reasonable improvements with updates to satisfy gamers, in which, the Big Update which has been kicked off recently is the clearest proof.

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Not only did the fans surprise the large-scale project of remaking the Erangel map with areas such as Prison, Mansion, Military Base or Mylta Power and especially Pochinki’s “hotspots”, Bluehole also specially changed even the smallest index in gameplay, especially adjusting gun parameters to bring more balance to this game.


One of the biggest surprises is instead of sitting still to use equipment like ambulance supplies (First Aid Kit, Bandage or Med Kit), or energy drinks, gamers are now able to move and perform this action simultaneously. It can be said that this is a huge step moving forward for PUBG when it has caught up with the era and learned from competitors like Call of Duty: Black Out. When this is very related to the reality, it also  makes gamers no longer have to put themselves into the danger when becoming a fixed target for each opponent. However, You shoud always remember that this strategies can only be performed when you walk. The running and jumping movements will immediately destroy the effectiveness of the process.


One of the enchanting features that Bluehole will add to PUBG PC Update 31 with the present amazing version is the rearrangement of the guns’ damage parameters. The most outstanding of them is M24. In other words, Kar98 Weapon and M24 have exchanged indicators for each other. Whilst Kar98 will be increased damaged from 75 to 79, M24 will be reduced 4 stats in the opposite direction. It will make Kar98 be the strongest armament of PUBG, taking the position of M24 which is often maintained.


Similar to M24, almost ARs are decreased in damage more or less. With the continuous buffing UMPs and nerfing Ars in terms of damage as well as firing speed in recent editions, Bluehole is exposing their intention to diversify the damage options for survivors. Even, another object named Turntables has been added to the game to generate a sense of relaxation for characters.


So, you can find the effort of Bluehole in reviving PUBG PC back to the glory which had been achieved in the past.

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