How to Win Solo Matches

How to Win Solo Matches

Here are five tried-and-true solo tactics for scoring your next free meal! Let’s face it: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is all about victory… nothing more, nothing less. Nail-biting shootouts can only you take you so far when what you really want is that sweet, sweet chicken dinner (preferably seasoned with the salty tears of your fallen foes).

Solo Tactics #1. Choose a location and land quickly


If you are a solo player, it is difficult to survive in the PUBG battlefield because any player you encounter in the map is the enemy. So the first thing that players need to pay attention to is to choose points and land very quickly so they can loot for themselves the equipment that can protect themselves. With many people saying that the earliest landing seems to be difficult, players should avoid fighting from the beginning so jump down the walking loot location

Solo Tactics #2: I AM THE HOLLOW MAN


This first solo tactic is critical to understand, as even experienced players mess this up… They play PUBG like the goal is to avoid dying! Truth is, PUBG is actually two completely different games in one: the early game, in which your goal is to quickly get as much as you can in terms of gear and kills. And the late game, in which your goal is to play more conservatively – as now surviving is much more valuable. Why? Well, in the early game there’s a ton of chaos; even experienced players can die to a room full of randoms. In the early game, you’ve also invested very little time into the match itself. This means if you die, your total cost is low – at most you’ve thrown away five minutes before the next respawn!

If your goal is chicken dinners, this means the early game should be played extremely aggressively. Drop into risky areas with better gear, seek early shootouts, and don’t be scared to make some crazy plays! If you die, then you haven’t lost much. It’s only once the dust settles that you should begin to play conservatively and take more calculated risks. This isn’t an endorsement of going “full Rambo” – that almost never works. But it’s critical to play the early game aggressively and don’t get bogged down in your late-game mindset. The worst that can happen is a fast respawn, so try to lose the fear of early engagements.

Solo Tactics #3. Always be aware of your surroundings


The most important thing of PUBG is to survive, but if you want to survive well, it is not only a good shooting skill but also a player to watch around, because you can’t just look straight If you look in one direction, you will win and there will be enemies who are “hiding” waiting for an opportunity that you don’t notice that you can defeat you at any time. So if the player possesses a good shooting skill, then of course the player must observe the surroundings extremely carefully, winning with you will be quite easy.

Solo Tactics #4. Always move, don’t stand still


As mentioned above, winning is the most important thing but to win, it involves many factors, including the movement of the player. If you observe well and your shooting skills are also extremely good, but just standing still, you are no different from a stele for the enemy to discharge bullets at you. So when you miss your position, you should move continuously so that your opponent will be unable to grasp your position and in the fighting the player should avoid standing still to shoot the enemy, please use Q – E continuously. (leaning) so that the enemy has no way of shooting at your head and combining with the left-right slant combination, you will be very hard to hit.

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