PUBG PC: Gun Groza – The ultimate and most powerful weapon 2019

In PUBG PC, the Groza Gun is a weapon of the AR gun line and appears only in Air Drop. The power of Groza gun is rated as the highest in PUBG PC. With high damage like AKM and accompanying it is a super-fast bullet speed like SMGs, it might not be too much exaggerated  to use the term “ultimate weapon” to describe this gun. With the Groza gun in hand, it is extremely simple to kill the opponent.


Although Groza is really strong, There is one major drawback of the GROZA is in its slow reload time at 3 seconds. Reloading mid-fight can easily get you killed so make all your bullets count.

Groza gun specifications

– Basic damage: 49

– Acceleration of warhead: 715m / s

– Zeroing range: 100-300m

– Basic ammunition tape: 30 capsules / Tape

– Shot mode: Single and Automatic

Groza when compared with other AR weapons

With his design and specifications, once equipped with all the necessary accessories, Groza will never disappoint players. Especially in close-range battles in the 400m range.

Accessories with Groza gun



Gun Barrel



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