PUBG: Guide players to become assassins with K98 and M24 Part 3

In regard of the speed of the bullet and the drop of the bullet that makes the rifle in PUBG use is not easy, the PUBG handbook will solve this problem to help you.

It is not easy to shoot moving targets accurately, it is more difficult if you want to use the Kar98k – M24 equipped with Scope 8X.

According to statistics, the speed of the target when running is 6m / s, from which each dot on the bar will help you estimate the bullet line accurately.

It is the distance judge that helps you use rifles as well as DMR lines when shooting more accurately. Using the Sniper – SR series is much more difficult. 

Actually, when using SR with Scope 8X to accurately shoot distant targets, it is not easy for new players even killer. Below we will have a small statistic that when we use 2 Sniper guns which are  considered the most popular Kar98 and M24 in this version, combined with Scope 8X in range from 100m – 500m, we need to focus on the first dot on the viewfinder.

Kar98k vs M24 pubg mobile

How to shoot Kar98k – M24: Use the horizontal bar

Although M24 has had many changes in the update # 14 recently, it is suitable to appear outside the map. But that does not affect the recoil of the gun as well as its effectiveness. Looking at the picture below, it is clear that if you have successfully targeted the Kar98, you will certainly do well with M24 since it only makes a small variances onview finder.

How to shoot Kar98k – M24: Use the vertical bar

100m back down is the best way to shoot Kar98k – M24. At this distance, you just need to watch the horizontal view without caring about the vertical viewfinder. Particularly, the target must be in the red area of Kar98 and the green color for M24.

For a distance of 200m – 300m, please look carefully, if to shoot the target correctly, just aim with 100m, but to finish the target with 1 head shot, it must be elevated to the highest, specifically can be the first dot for 200m and 300m for the next dot from the center.

The difference starts to appear at a distance of more than 400m, actually at this distance you have to focus on both horizontal and vertical bars of the viewfinder. In addition to aligning the standard head of the horizontal viewfinder, you must estimate the true distance with the third dot of the vertical bar. Because at this time, if you shoot at 3 distances above, you probably won’t be able to hit the enemy.

And finally in the range of 500m, this is the distance that requires you to be very careful, as you know how the gunshots without the silencer will be dangerous, so “One shot One kill” . To do this, you need to consider one thing in addition to aiming at the horizontal bar, you have to aim for the fourth dot of the vertical bar, which means you will lift the gun center quite high to watch. It will not be difficult if you practice many times.

The picture below will specify the distance range so you can easily apply it at the most suitable distance.

In addition, youtuber Wacky Jacky 101 also guides when shooting at a distance of 900m using the bottom dot of the vertical bar, this is something that only pro players can think about, but please try because what if you are one of them.

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